Fashion Design Consulting

  • A 1 hour phone call or video chat with an in-depth consultation on what steps you can take to start your brand
  • You will recieve resources, contacts, websites, and places to go to start your fashion design or clothing brand! 
  • Consultaton fee: $75 


Assist in creating New and Fresh Designs for your existing or upcoming Clothing Brand 

  • With over 20 years of Fashion Design Experience, Tsion Tyeese knows fashion and how to Create New, Improved, and Innovative Designs from idea to concepton. 
  • Your New Designs will consist of Sketches, Color Coordinating, Samples, Marketing Tips, Branding Tips, and more!
  • Whether you are an existing Clothing Brand looking to Rebrand or a New Brand with no direction on where to start, there are packages available to help you with all of your Design needs. 
  • Tsion Tyeese believes in Quality over Quantity. So if you utilize her services, she guarantees her work. She prides herself on starting trends rather than following them. New. Fresh. Innovative. Quality. Timeless. 
  • A 10-minute Complimentary Consultation (via phone or video chat) is a MUST before moving forward with any Clothing Design Services. During the consultation Tsion Tyeese will discuss your ideas, prices, budget, time frame, and a brief description of how the services will be accomplished.